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The advantages and disadvantages of the furniture
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  Pinus sylvestris is wood preservative, do furniture out of bright color color, there will be no moths, so often made a lot of furniture, such as coffee table, stool, floor and so on. But there are still shortcomings, such as wood is relatively soft, it is easier to burst. Here we go to find out the specifics of the advantages and disadvantages of what furniture.


  1, less borers. Pinus sylvestris general president of insects, and according to the relevant investigation, Pinus sylvestris strong resistance. Pinus sylvestris var. Mongolica was less pest and had stronger resistance to Pinus tabulaeformis than Pinus tabulaeformis. In the southern area of Liaoning, Pinus tabulaeformis and Pinus tabulaeformis were all endangered by Pinus tabulaeformis, except for Pinus sylvestris. Less sick, no borers.

  2, high adhesion. Pinus sylvestris is a positive species, the crown sparse, coniferous and more concentrated in the tree surface, the lack of lateral light in the forest when the trunk natural pruning fast, isolated or lateral illumination is sufficient, collateral and lush foliage, thus creating the Mongolian Pine adhesive very good advantages in the production of mongolica furniture when the use of mortise and tenon structure process, to the maximum extent possible to reduce the use of adhesives, wood have been the second drying, pure solid wood furniture deformation, Cracking probability to a minimum.

  3, clear and natural. Pinus sylvestris heartwood reddish-brown, sapwood light brown, thinner texture, texture straight, fast-growing trees, good material, strong adaptability, because it is suitable for texture Gendiao, Pinus sylvestris made the root carving coffee table It is very natural beauty. The surface is very smooth. High transparency, strong adhesion, revealing the original pine natural texture, color and healthy, and water resistance, resistance to yellowing.


  1, the most significant drawback is that the characteristics of pine scarring more low-grade wood is particularly evident. In particular, Pinus sylvestris, if the furniture made of wood have been carefully selected to retain the beautiful, high hardness of the living knots, remove the ugly, low hardness of the knot scar, so the furniture is necessary to clean the Pinus sylvestris Wipe with alcohol. Regularly with a soft cotton cloth gently wipe the surface dust, from time to time, wring the dry moisture of the cotton filament furniture corner of the nook at the dust carefully wipe the net, and then clean dry soft cotton Sassafras dry .

  2, Pinus sylvestris for the hi light strong, deep root species, can adapt to less soil moisture ridge and sunny slope, and the more arid sand and gravel sand area, so the wood is relatively soft, easy to burst so we should avoid the sun Direct. Should try to avoid the outdoor sunshine on the furniture as a whole or local long exposure, the best placed in the position to escape sunlight exposure, or with a transparent tulle curtain separated by direct sunlight, so that neither affect the indoor lighting , But also to protect the indoor furniture.

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