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Pinus sylvestris and ecological board which is good
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  Pinus sylvestris evergreen trees, 15-25 meters high, up to 30 meters, crown oval or conical. Trunk straight, 3-4 m below the bark dark brown, squamous, leaves 2-pin bunch, rigid, often slightly distorted, apex pointed. Monoecious, male ball oval, yellow, poly was born in the lower part of the annual branches; female ball spherical or oval, purple-brown. Cones long ovate. Scale shield was oblique square, with longitudinal ridge transverse ridge, the umbilical was tumor-like prominence. Seeds small, with yellow, brown, dark brown different species of wings membranous. Produced in China's Heilongjiang Daxinganling elevation 400-900 m mountain and Hailar west, south of the sand dune area. Can be used for garden ornamental and green tree species. The forest grows fast, the material is good, the adaptability is strong, may make the northeast Daxinganling mountainous area and the western sand dune area afforestation tree species.

  Ecology board, there are a variety of names in the industry, the common name is Mianqi board and melamine board. The original name is called melamine board, but due to China's dairy pollution incidents, was forced to rename, the industry referred to as the Mianqi board, there are called eco-board, but the eco-board is too general, because many eco-friendly sheet can Called ecological board, so easy to confuse

  From the perspective of furniture production to the number of eco-board better.

  Pinus sylvestris belongs to hard pine. High hardness, slightly easy to crack wet material deformation small, more curry favor, wood grain than flowers, processing performance is better. Suitable for building materials, furniture, structure, so easy to penetrate the chemical soaked soaked wood preservative wood.

  Eco-board has become a lacquer-free board and melamine board, eco-board compared to other plates there is a merit is Mianqi, do not have the advantage of painting is to reduce the pain caused by toxic and harmful substances emissions, more environmentally friendly. Ecological board with high temperature, fire, moisture and other properties. In addition, this plate is not easy to change color, not easy to play skin. This sheet can be processed into different styles, texture is very strong veneer. It is a lot of furniture materials commonly used in the production.

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